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  • PTFE White Pipe Tape Polymer Plumbers Sealing Tape 18*0.1mm

    PTFE White Pipe Tape Polymer Plumbers Sealing Tape 18*0.1mm

    Features:Brand new and high quality;Non-toxic and non-flammable;Easy to use and have good tightness;Good adhesion and corrosion resistance;Mainly used as thread sealer of pipe, pipelines.
  • PTFE Lined Pipe Gasket

    PTFE Lined Pipe Gasket

    PTFE lined pipe gaskets are the ideal solution for applications demanding virtually 100% chemical resistance and where the mechanical properties of a compressed gasket material are also needed. They perform well in the food and process industries where contamination of the medium cannot be permitted, Suitable for medium strong alkalis, cryogenic fluids, oxygen, chlorine gas etc.
  • PTFE Rod/Bar

    PTFE Rod/Bar

    PTFE Rod Features:Usage temperature range is very broad (Celsius from - 200 degrees to +260 degrees); Anti-majority chemical substance's corrosiveness, except some fluorides and alkalinity moltenmetal;Excellent mechanical properties, aging resistance;Excellent flame resistance(Conforms to ASTM-D635 and D470 test step),in the air to be regulated as a flame retardant material;Very low water absorption......
  • Various Polymer PTFE products

    Various Polymer PTFE products

    PTFE is an amazing material. Its wide range of properties include outstanding chemical resistance, a continuous working temperature range of -26 deg C to +260 deg C, a low coefficient of friction and to-tal UV resistance. It has excellent insulation properties and is suitable for use with food . Used for seals,gaskets,o-rings, valve seats and linings (chemical). The addition of fillers such as glass,car-bon and bronze can further enhance the properties of PTFE.
  • Polymer PTFE Sheet

    Polymer PTFE Sheet

    PTFE Plastic Sheet Features: the surface is perfect, no black spot and yellow spot, tidy corner, surface gloss. Uniform thickness;can make any color PTFE sheet, for example: Natural white, black, yellow, red and so on;own best performance, can be filled other material, for example: Bronze, fiber glass,carbon, graphite, moly, APR, and so on;can withstand temperture: -180~+260; can make PTFE molded sheet, PTFE skived and PTFE film with any sizes......
  • 2mm ID x 3mm OD PTFE Tubing/Pipe/Hose/Lined White

    2mm ID x 3mm OD PTFE Tubing/Pipe/Hose/Lined White

    Product Description: White PTFE Tubing/Pipe/Hose – White (2mm ID x 3mm OD) PTFE Tubing (PTFE = polytetrafluoroethylene) provides the ultimate in lubricity, high temperature use, chemical resistance, biocompatibility, and precision extruded tolerances. Excellent Lubricity – Lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer Working temperature range 327° C to –270° C Chemically Resistant (all common solvents, acids and bases) F4 PTFE tubing is chemically Inert Low extractables Excellen...
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